LFK Greens/Anita Payne campaign -- Meet Anita Payne - the real deal

Next Ontario election - June 7, 2018

Given her involvement in so many issues and community causes over the years, many of this area's residents already know Anita. And the LFK Greens are proud to have her as our candidate.
For those who do not, here's the official biography.
Anita Payne is a retired high school science teacher. Born and raised in Toronto, Anita developed a deep connection to her environment while interacting with nature at her cottage.
This inspired Anita to study ecology, to become a teacher, and to become involved in her community. In addition, Anita ran as a Green Party candidate in three previous provincial elections as well as the 2015 federal election.
Professionally, Anita was a long-serving executive member of the Ontario Society for Environmental Education.
Anita has been active in many community and environmental groups over the years in both Lanark County and Stratford.
Since returning to Lanark County in 2011, Anita has participated in climate marches and volunteered with Fair Vote Canada, her lake association, Climate Reality, Citizens' Climate Lobby, the Guatemala Stove Project and Canadian Federation for University Women Perth and District.
Anita has two grown children and one grandchild.
She promotes active living to maintain health and reduce her environmental footprint. Anita grows as much food as she can and is also a quilt artist.

Walking the talk - Anita out and about in the community

Taking the plunge in a good cause - Perth Polar Plunge 2018(Photo courtesy, Desmond Devoy, Perth Courier);

The Maberly Fair Parade (Photo courtesy, Desmond Devoy, Metroland);

P'Earth Day Parade (Photo courtesy, Desmond Devoy, Metroland);

2012 Perth Kilt Run (supplied photo);

2016 Perth Kilt Marathon Guatemala Stove Project water station (supplied photo);

South Wind Brigade of the Voyageurs, Kingston to Ottawa, 2016 (supplied photo);

Campaiging on her bike, Belleville, ON (supplied photo);

Enjoying the Tay River with the Mississippi Field Naturalists, 2017 (Photo by Simon Lunn).

Green Party events

With fellow lFK Green Myrna Lecou at the GPO Convention, Guelph, February 2018(Supplied photo);

Anita with GPO Leader Mike Schreiner(supplied photo);

...and with other Greens at the GPO AGM, 2017(supplied photo);

Speaking at Niagara Falls GPO meeting, 2012(supplied photo).

The advocate

Presenting MP Scott Reid with a Fair Vote Canada petition, 2012(supplied photo);

Fair Vote protest at Parliament Hill, 2017(supplied photo);

Great March for Climate Action, 2014 (supplied photo);

Supporting our scientists - mock funeral for science-based decision-making, 2012 (supplied photo)

Citizens' Clmate Lobby, Parliament Hill, 2014(supplied photo)

Climate March ending at Washington, DC, 2014(supplied photo)

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